It is a must to read the instruction manual and then

“We stood down on the site for four days [to deep clean] and pulled in the trade unions to figure out how we size groups, clean equipment, we looked at all aspects,” says Johnsen. To that end, workers now do their daily jobs in the same “families” of five and at safe physical distances. Workers wear masks and get daily temperature checks before entering the construction zone.

This image provided by Isis Alexander shows cosmetologist Kanessa Alexander as she cuts her client Jennifer Stallion’s hair. After repeatedly being denied service by high end salons because her hair was perceived as too difficult to style, Alexander opened a shop of her own in a predominantly white Boston neighborhood with four Black stylists serving all hair textures. Alexander and more than a dozen other people of color in the industry trace such bias and discrimination in predominantly white salons to the sidelining of formal education focused on Black hair.

Or a hope, but misplaced it still is thinking that we are indispensable; the show would crumble without us. Yet, friends and fantasy lovers, that not how it works. Whether it is work or household cogs, the machines can run without you all fine. It is a must to read the instruction manual and then explain it to yourself and your kids. This will ensure that you/he/she follows all the safety guidelines. If this is your first flying experience then learn it by flying the new Remote control Helicopter indoor on a flat surface.

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