That vacuum has led to some unlikely heavyweights at

Lauren P. Raysor is an attorney concentrating in personal injury, civil rights, matrimonial and family law, and corporate, business and municipal legal services. A 1988 graduate of Fordham Law School, Ms. Uche sounds a lot like the recently departed Collins an elite athlete who doesn’t have a true position, but has the versatility to do a little bit of everything. Uche will probably be a sub pass rusher right away, and perhaps can evolve into more of a complete linebacker. He smartly doubled up on tight ends, because it gives the Patriots better odds that at least one of them will work out.

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Meanwhile, no one told me that grief makes you ill physically. Eye problems, stomach issues, throat infections, recurring back pain, worrying heart symptoms, I had them all over the first two years. And from the cardiologist I learned that something I always imagined was an old wives tale was, in fact, a medical reality.

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